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January 10, 2019 Home Colors

Copper Paint Color Awesome Effect Decorative

Copper Paint Color – Copper is a warm red-orange metal that is ideal for wiring due to its ability to conduct electricity. It is also a good conductor of heat, so it is often use for pots, pans, refrigerators, and radiators. A bronze finish with an antique look is easy to come by. The process consists of layers of color and sealing or patina finishing mix. Technically, green patina is the film that is forming in copper and bronze. As you get older, several types of acids in the air produce a green glow in the metal. Faux patina is an illusion creating green shades on many surfaces, including wood, ceramic or metal. Copper is a coveted substance for decoration. While many other materials lose style appeal with types, copper actually improves as it develops its types. The effects of oxidation and other chemical processes result in an attractive green tarnish.

Antique Copper Paint Color

Antique Copper Paint Color

You can give any surface the look of this verdigris finish with decorative metallic copper paint color techniques. Beginners may want to practice with a small project, such as a painting or a lamp, before attempting this large-scale imitation finish. Pour the dark brown latex paint with a satin finish on a paint tray. Cover the surface of the element you want to apply to the patina with the dark brown paint. Use a foam roller to apply a smooth coat of paint to a large surface or foam brush to apply paint to small areas and shaped objects. Pour a small amount of bluish green light, dark blue-green and latex, Finish satin paints and water-based metallic gold paint onto three separate disposable plastic plates with plastic spoons. Set aside a different sea sponge for each color.

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Apply a random pattern of dark blue-green paint over the dark brown paint with a clean sea sponge. Use different parts of the sponge to avoid repeating the same patterns. Sponge in a little light blue-green paint with a second sponge. Add the luminous areas of the dark teal with the lighter shade. Make sure that part of the dark brown base still shows. Give a touch of metallic gold with the third sponge. Use less of the antique copper paint color than the other colors. Add more areas of teal if the gold is too pronounced. Soften the sponge marks by erasing the surface with a soft cloth. Continue adding paint until the desire effect is achieve. Allow the surface to dry for approximately 24 hours. Add an optional layer of water-based varnish with a roller or synthetic bristle brush to protect a high traffic surface.

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