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January 8, 2019 Home Colors

Create Protection Painting Galvanized Metal Ideas

Painting Galvanized Metal – They are named for being ferrous metals coated with a layer of zinc that has been deposited by different chemical or electrochemical processes. In them, a layer of zinc and zinc oxides is create forming a very resistant protection to the penetration of the water/oxygen duo. This prevents the action of these agents on the iron below and, therefore, slows the oxidation of this support. The galvanize metal is make of metal that has been coating with zinc. This layer protects the metal from the damaging effects of time and rust. However, the protective qualities of zinc can make it difficult to paint galvanized metal surfaces, as it does not allow adequate adhesion of the paint. This results in peeling paint. That does not mean you can not paint galvanized metal surfaces.

Awesome Colors Metal Galvanized Roofing

Awesome Colors Metal Galvanized Roofing

Galvanized metal painting involves a special preparation that must be done correctly to ensure a successful painting job. Prepare the metal surface by removing the protective layer on the galvanized metal. For this project, apply paint thinner over the entire galvanized surface. Sponge brushes make it easier to apply higher amounts of paint thinner so you can work quickly. Clean the surface of the painting galvanized metal vinegar with an old cloth. Be sure to clean thoroughly and let the metal dry completely. You will not be able to use the cloth again, so use something that you do not mind throwing. It is a good idea to clean the surface with a clean cloth after it has dried. Be sure to clean all debris from the zinc coating and paint thinner. If debris remains, repeat the process with paint thinner.

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Apply two coats of galvanized metal primer with a spray using few words, even the strokes that overlap slightly. Short movements give you more control and the primer helps preserve. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second topcoat to avoid problems such as bubbles or pitting. Allow the last layer of primer to dry completely. It should not feel sticky or sticky. Test a small spot on the surface by applying light pressure with the tip of your finger. If the finger leaves an impression on the primer, it is not dry. Once the painting galvanizes metal rust oleum surface is completely dry, apply a metallic grade paint. For a coat of paint, even, use a paint sprayer instead of a brush. Brushes can leave brush strokes on the surface. Finish the project with a final layer of paint for the best coverage.

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