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Distress Finishing Black Wood Paint Effect

Black Wood Paint – Distressing the finish of a wooden furniture gives a subtle and very used in the piece. The effect of aging is usually done by sanding the corners and edges of the furniture or using hammers and chains to make dents in the wood. Painting of a black and distressing piece of furniture that gives a contemporary touch to a room. Whatever furniture you choose, painting it black and distressing that can be achieved in just a few steps. There are different ways of anguish a piece of furniture to give you a very worn, antique look. One method involves the use of paint. some of the base layers are allowed on the part to be shown through the top layer, which indicates surface wear. For a black aged wood table, a light color can be using for the base coat.

Antique Black Paint Color Dresser

Antique Black Paint Color Dresser

White, gray or brown would be ideal for a natural, aged look. Another option is to use a glossy base coat. For example, a red base layer would be striking showing through the black wood paint home depot finish layer. sand the table with medium grain sandpaper to scrape the surface. This provides a basis to which the primer can adhere. Clean the sanding dust with a soft cloth. Brush a layer of primer on the table. Allow it to dry for the period of time indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions. Paint the board on its chosen color base light gray, dark gray or black or any light or bright color that you want to show through black. Let the paint dry. Rub a candle in various parts of the table where you want the base layer to show through.

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The deposited wax will prevent the top coat of paint from adhering to the base coat. Rub the wax in places that naturally see more wear, such as the edges, in any decorative work on the legs and in the random patches on the top. Brush small particles of wax with a clean dry brush. Paint the blackboard. Allow the paint to dry completely. Apply a second coat and let dry. Scrape the wax portions of the board with a metal spatula. Be careful to scrape only the how to paint furniture black distressed and the wax, not the base coat. As you work, step back from the table to evaluate the look. Sand the scraped parts of the board gently with fine-grained sandpaper to mix the scraping marks. You can also use the sandpaper to reveal more of the base coat if desired.

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