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Environmentally Friendly Painted Dresser Ideas

Painted dresser ideas – In the creative world there are no borders. It is huge and we only put our own limits that are your personal taste. And of course there is the utility of furniture and its location. Integrating it into the decoration of your home. Pin of a single tone.  In the market there are plenty of brands and colors although I usually use Chalk Paint I like the environmentally friendly paints. It’s easy to apply and do not contain chemical solvents. And the finish always with wax to give a more natural look to the piece. Of course if the furniture is going to be exposed to a lot of use I recommend that you varnish it with resistant acrylic varnish. The spray paints are not what they were … fortunately! Now they are more modern and practical, also easier to use,.

Diy Dresser Ideas

Diy Dresser Ideas

I already told you a long time ago, and I taught you how to paint a wooden chest of drawers with sprays. Today the work does not stop being different. because, although the product is the same, the result can change a lot, since the spray painted dresser ideas of today allow to create numerous different effects: from lacquers to glazes, through aging effects. One of the advantages of spray paints is that. if you know how to use them, you can forget about the typical marks left by brushes and brushes. You will get a smooth and regular look, perfect. In addition, you can choose between matte or gloss finishes, satin finishes, metallic effects, etc. Is not it great?

24 Inspiration Gallery from Environmentally Friendly Painted Dresser Ideas

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Image of: Diy Dresser Ideas
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To get the most out of them, you just have to follow these recommendations. Use them in well-ventilated spaces and protect yourself with a mask and gloves. If you can paint on the outside, better than better. When spraying the paint on the piece, do it from a distance of 20 or 30 cm. And in all directions, with fast and uniform passes to avoid possible drops. And, another important thing: protect your clothes and the environment. If you do not want to have to clean everything afterwards. Look for work clothes that do not work, put a handkerchief or a hat on your head, and completely cover floors and walls with paper or plastic. When the sprays painted dresser ideas are sprayed, a fine powder that impregnates everything is release. It’s not hard to clean, but it’s better to save time and effort, right?

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