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January 5, 2019 Home Colors

Get Painting Wood Furniture with the Best Appearance

Painting furniture, new or recycled is one of most common works in DIY and one of simplest DIY with best results. But how to painting wood furniture correctly? It will depend on how you perform steps to have a piece of furniture painted with an impeccable finish or one full of defects. Method is easy to follow, you just have to do it with care. If layers of paint or varnish are many or in very bad condition, you will have to lift them with a paint stripper. This is a special product that, applied to old paint, “shrinks” and liquefies so that we can remove it with a spatula. You can also use a heat gun. This tool, similar to a hair dryer, works with hot air at a high temperature.

Ashley Furniture Black Bedroom

Ashley Furniture Black Bedroom

When we approach it (about 2 cm, approximately) to wood that we want to strip, it causes same effect on paint or old varnish as chemical paint strip, melting them. Remove old product with a spatula. If paint or varnish is not in bad condition, we sand it directly. It is not necessary to remove entire finish, simply remove shine to “grab” rest of products. Also known as “raw painting wood furnitureā€. To prepare furniture, in this case, you will only have to sand it gently until you feel it soft to touch before applying sealer or priming paint. This step is same to paint wood, if you have built it with pine wood or similar. If it is DM (or MDF), sand it well, especially in places where joints are. Surface of DM boards is usually quite smooth. Next, also sand this sealer layer.

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Clean any dust that may be left with a soft cloth that does not leave any fiber or thread. It is advisable that first layer we apply is priming or sealing paint. Objective is to close pore of painting wood furniture and that it does not absorb so much paint. It also contributes to a more homogeneous termination. Once it is dry to touch, we sand it with care and remove dust with a cotton cloth. Now we can start painting. Enamel should not be too thick. If so, we dissolve it with water, if it is acrylic, or with corresponding solvent. If it is too thick, marks of brush or roller will be noticed. Apply giving thin layers. Let dry and sand, as always.

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