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Get Special Ideas about Cedar Stain Colors

Cedar stain colors – What is your favorite piece of furniture at home? Which was it in your parents’ house? Or your grandparents? No matter the time or the decorative style: when we talk about materials, wood has always been, is. And will be, the star in practically all sets and homes. Its natural warmth, its touch, able to move in space. And time, its veins, make this product of trees and shrubs an endless reef of beauty. So that our imagination turns it into all kinds of furniture and accessories of our home and our office. Today we are going to collect all those tips – from grandmothers to scientific ones! – That you and yours will need to put into practice to keep each wooden furniture of your home as new.

Best Cedar Deck Stain

Best Cedar Deck Stain

We know, that “special for wood” product contains it. And that other one too. And that one over there. But forget it: the ammonia is abrasive and, in the long run, it will end up removing the shine and color of your favorite wooden furniture. Does it sound like a lot of work? Believe us: it is not. Get special wet wipes to clean cedar stain colors (in almost all supermarkets you can find them already, of different brands and even white label, much cheaper). Once a week, paint them with quality protective waxes (after removing the dust and let them dry), and you will see that your furniture will last over the years better than Benjamin Button.

24 Inspiration Gallery from Get Special Ideas about Cedar Stain Colors

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The best thing is that you think of that furniture as in a small child: you would not put it in the sun, nor would you let it be wet, or in front of an air conditioner, right? Wood is sensitive to the sun because it eats its color and its brightness; and water and air conditioning are very dangerous to rot its composition and abruptly alter its natural expansion and contraction. Therefore, if we talk about outdoor furniture, apply special protective varnishes of cedar stain colors for these circumstances from the first day. In the same way, the heat can cause damage to the surface, damage the waxes and protective varnishes, and sharply widen the wood where it is applied. Therefore, do not leave hot containers directly on it. Or the damage will be so permanent that you should sand the remaining marks to make them disappear. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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