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January 4, 2019 Home Colors

How to Decorate Bedroom Colour Ideas

Bedroom colour ideas are easiest way to give a boring bedroom a facelift is in color. If you are on a redecorating budget, incorporate colorful decor items with neutral-colored pieces you already own to create a brand new look. Decorate a bedroom to reflect your favorite color or to coordinate with a specific design theme. Add color to the space by color, textiles, carpeting, wall decor, furniture, wallpaper and decorative pieces, such as candles and flowers.

Bedroom Color Combinations Photos

Bedroom Color Combinations Photos


Select a bedroom color scheme or embellishment theme. Choose a color combination based on the look you try to achieve, such as lavender and sage green. Painting bedroom walls. Choose a neutral shade, such as crisp white or taupe, as a background for light interior. Choose a vibrant color, such as red or turquoise, to set the scene for a lively look. Furnish the bedroom with additional items. Walk with a white rattan bedside table, nightstand, chest of drawers and vanity table to coordinate with light garden or beach-inspired furnishings. Choose an environmentally-friendly bedroom to create a calming room, or a dark cherry or mahogany in for an elegant look.

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Decorate the bedroom with colorful textiles. Top a bed with a lavender-colored quilt with green leaf patterns, or a turquoise and yellow snatch-patterned quilt. Decorate bedding with pillows and a blanket in complementary colors. Accent bedroom design with color coordinating interior item. Place candles in gold or silver votive holders and show them on wall shelves or a night stand. Hang artwork with shades, such as lavender and green or turquoise and yellow, reflected in the room color scheme. Decorate a chest of drawers or make-up table with crystal vases filled with fresh red, yellow and orange tulips or light pink orchids.


Choose dark details in brown to give the bedroom a rich, luxurious feel. Chocolate-Best Bedroom Colors contrast fine with lighter bedding and floors. If the walls are too dark, consider laying a tan bedside pan approximately halfway up, then painting the rest of the walls dark brown, good housekeeping. However, a cream or beige wall color best puts on a variety of other colors, such as green, blue or orange. Brown wall color will lend a cozy, classy feel to each bedroom, capturing dream house wallpaper, and is considered to be the warmest of the neutral and near neutral options. Brown has a series of shades that provide plenty of options for a palette bedroom color. From pigeon gray to dark charcoal, puts a neutral gray palette of other colors as well, establishes dream home decor.

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