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How to Painting Fireplace Tile

Painting fireplace tile tend to look outdated if your interior is Americana with clever pine furniture and gingham fabrics. Painting the fireplace is an option, but it still has tiled floors. This is a work that takes time and patience and some special tools, but it does not take much expertise. Plan two weekends to get the job done.

Blue Paint on Bathroom Tile

Blue Paint on Bathroom Tile


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Image of: Blue Paint on Bathroom Tile

Scrub the blocks with masonry cleaner to remove soot and grease. Allow to dry completely. Painting fireplace tile with chalk paint a portion of thin-set mortar as per the instructions of the package. Exactly how much water you add depends on the type of thin-set mortar you use. It should be the consequence of oatmeal. Spread a layer of thin-set on bricks with morsel, starting at the bottom and working upwards. Make the hardener last if you are standing on it to reach the top of the fireplace. The layer should be thick enough to cover the bricks and joints between the bricks. Smooth out any ridges or bumps with filler as you go. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

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Measure the contours of the opening for the fireplace. Cut scrap wood so it forms a support that is 1/4 inch lower than the height of the fireplace. The support will look out three sides of a rectangle or square, depending on the combustion chamber shape. Nail the carrier together. Set support inside the flame furnace so that the two ends are on the core and the top is right under the top of the fireplace. Arrange the design of the tiles so a row of tiles will be horizontal with the opening of the fireplace and 1/4 inch below it. It is best to use different size plates so that all small errors are hidden in different sizes and colors. A decorative layer of tile at the level of the mantle works well to divert attention to deficiencies.

Begin at the bottom of the ceramic tile fireplace makeover. Butter the back of the plate with a 1/4 inch thin set. Push it in place with the help of the hearth as its support and the edge of the fireplace as a guide. If you use tile distances to leave space for a grout line between the plates, set the distance next to the plate. Grease the back of the next side and align next to the first plate or adjacent to the distance. Continue until the line is complete. Begin the next row with the same technique. Check the top of the row to make sure it’s level. If not, adjust the plates while the thin-set is still moving. You may need to push some plates up or tamp them a little.

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