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How to Prepare Basement Wall Paint

Basement wall paint tends to have low ceilings and be slightly dark. Painting a cool or deep color throughout can make your basement freeze and cave-like. Choose a warm color that maximizes the available light complements your basement decor, and does not make your basement look like an afterthought. Cellar color does not have to be pale and boring. The right color colors can transform your daylight basement into a welcoming dynamic space.

Basement Floor Paint Colors

Basement Floor Paint Colors


Visit a color trade and choose as many free color slots as you like – they are free. Look for the color manufacturer’s brochures that contain color ideas and combinations for interior painting and bring them home with you as well. Keep Painted Basement Floor Ideas samples against different surfaces in the basement to see how well they work together. Take your permanent interior factors into consideration — those likely will not change frequently, such as flooring, upholstery and ceiling colors. Select a color with warm undertones, such as red, yellow, peach, or brown. Most blue, green and gray are getting cooler.

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Check the back of color for light reflection value if you are worried about making your daylight the basement too dark. Do not assume the Basement Floor Paint must be very bright or pastel. Some colors in the medium light area can be very hot and cozy without looking too dark. Some darker colors make your basement look bigger, especially if you have a white ceiling, as it draws your eye up and around the perimeter of the space. Buy a liter of your chosen color and test it on the wall before buying any color. Colors on the color scheme tend to look brighter when they are on the wall. Paint a sample of your wall at least 2 feet in square, and watch it both at night and during the day.

Patch any cracks, buckles and holes in concrete with hydraulic cement. This is generally sold in powder form. You only need to add the recommended amount of water, mix and apply to the wall. Hydraulic cement sets very fast. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. Mix small amounts of the hydraulic cement at a time and have a clear action plan before mixing cement to minimize waste and time. Use sandpaper to grind excess cement so that the patches and filled spaces are even with the wall. Swipe the wall and floor to remove all dust and dirt. Use a dustbin to remove dust and debris from the room.

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