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Painting Hardwood Floors Modern Look Style

Painting Hardwood Floors – Painting wooden floors can make them look like new. Changing the color of the floors is also a way to give a more modern look to your home. Nowadays, it is not very common to plan painting wooden floors because it is innovative to leave the natural wood floor, right? However, many people still choose to paint wooden floors to give another life to the environments or to decorate the vintage style. So if you are one of those who wants a change in their floors. And at the same time seek to protect them. This will depend on the effect you want to give your room space. The color of the decoration you have chosen and also the room. You have plenty of options but one piece of advice I can give you is to use pastel colors that are the classic colors for wooden floors.

Bathroom Wooden Floor Restoration

Bathroom Wooden Floor Restoration

That will make everything have harmony and that, in turn, will match any decoration you may have in the future. It does not hurt to say that wooden floors have special paint for wood that will prevent it from leaving in the future. And as you do not want to have chipped parts on the floor of your living room. It is best to get an alkyd paint. Go to the nearest paint center and find out about quality options. The guides to painting any surface are to prepare it well. Start by washing the painting wood floors ideas to remove all dirt. Then you would have to sand it well to remove all the varnish and any imperfections you may have. And finally, vacuum it to remove all the dust. Although using a roller can save you a lot of time.

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It is not the best tool for painting wooden floors as it will leave unpainted parts and you will have to touch up with a brush. Then, it is best to use a brush 10 centimeters wide to give your wood floor paint colors the finish you are looking for. Also, to avoid damaging your back while you paint. It would be good to get a long handle to place the brush and not have to paint on your knees. You’re wondering, how many layers of paint do you need? Experts recommend giving your wood floors 3 thin layers. As it will allow them to dry faster and leave no marks. Ideally, let each layer dry for 24 hours before applying the next, and once you have the 3 layers ready. It is a recommendation that you wait 72 hours to walk on it and put the furniture in place.

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