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January 10, 2019 Home Colors

Simple Yet Pretty Paint Fireplace White Color

How nice to read a good book or have a long talk with your family in front of the flames of fire! Paint fireplace white has the power to attract the attention of the inhabitants of a house and has a great character. So much that only a change of its color or the surrounding elements can change the atmosphere of the whole space. Today, we give you different decoration ideas for your fireplace. As we often tell you, choosing too many colors in a room can be a bit disastrous and messy. The ideal is to choose two main colors. And a third for small elements that give an accent of color. You can paint chimneys that are brick, stone or have plaster moldings. Before painting, you should prepare the surface and give it a coat of primer.

2 Sided Gas Fireplaces White

2 Sided Gas Fireplaces White

In the world of chimneys you can find many types of chimneys. We will focus on chimneys of brick, stone or plaster moldings, and in their different styles. If you want to give a classic style to your paint fireplace white. It will be enough to frame it with some plaster moldings. We suggest that you paint the moldings with a different color from the wall. You can use the same for window frames, baseboards and moldings on the ceiling. As decorative details we propose to place on the fireplace an antique piece: a vase with dried flowers, a mirror … But you can also give it a modern look by placing contemporary decorative objects on it.

24 Inspiration Gallery from Simple Yet Pretty Paint Fireplace White Color

Image of: White Travertine Fireplace
Image of: White Tile over Brick Fireplace
Image of: White Small Gas Fireplace
Image of: White Shiplap Fireplace
Image of: White Shelves Around Fireplace
Image of: White Prefab Outdoor Fireplace
Image of: White Gas Fireplace Pilot Light
Image of: White Gas Fireplace Insert
Image of: White Fireplace Showrooms
Image of: White Fireplace Mantel Corbels
Image of: White Fireplace Facelift
Image of: White Empire Fireplace
Image of: White Craftsman Fireplace
Image of: White Brick Veneer Fireplace
Image of: Shiplap Fireplace Brick White
Image of: Reclaimed Fireplace Mantel White
Image of: Free Standing Ventless Gas Fireplace White
Image of: Fireplace Mantel Kits White
Image of: Fireplace Mantel Corbels White
Image of: Corner Gas Fireplace White
Image of: Concrete Fireplace Surround White
Image of: Bedroom Fireplace White
Image of: Antique Fireplace Mantels White
Image of: 2 Sided Gas Fireplaces White
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If your fireplace is brick or stone and you want to give it a rustic style you have two options. Paint the entire room white, including the fireplace. And let the floor and natural elements stand out. Or leave the fireplace with the natural color of the brick or the stone. And contrast it with the white of the walls. As decorative details we suggest you include porcelain vases with dried flowers, white candles or wooden photo frames. If you want the corner of paint fireplace white to have a modern look, we suggest that you use neutral, gray and white colors for the fireplace and walls. You can paint the interior of the fireplace in black. In the furniture and decorative elements you can continue with neutral colors and break with a color that stands out.

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