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January 8, 2019 Home Colors

Simply Become Timeless Gray Color Schemes

The trend of the gray color schemes has come to stay – walls in shades of gray have simply become timeless. We understand that! The gray color is both beautiful and neutral, as well as deep and powerful, at one and the same time. Gray does not always mean boredom and indifference. The design of the gray wall can look very elegant, elegant and unique when combined with the matching tones and lifestyle in the room. Here we have some ideas to live! What does the gray color symbolize? Gray is in the middle between black and white. Most people associate this color with boredom and vulgarity, but it has great symbolic importance. Colors can work against or with each other. They are reflected in each other and can be perceived very differently depending on how they are put together.

Apply Blue Gray Paint Colors

Apply Blue Gray Paint Colors

Blue and gray together give for example. A perception of coolness. If you want to avoid ‘cold’ colors, choose colors with a little yellow . The color radiates security and stability, which is why they are preferred for interior design. In addition, gray color schemes color is a symbol of intelligence, maturity and erudition. Sometimes it creates a sense of narrow-mindedness … Interior designers refer to gray as “the new beige”, as it has become very current and preferred inside. One has no limitations or limits to combine gray with all other colors and shadows. The biggest advantage of this color is that it dampens the influence of the other colors, creating balance and harmony in the color palette.

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Depending on the effect you are looking for, you can try different color combinations. Gray blends well with yellow and beige: the color scheme is elegant, fresh and modern. What about brown and orange, which is the perfect color palette in the fall. Create a duo between gray, pink and sky blue. If you want to create a dramatic and artistic atmosphere, wear the gray-red color scheme. Fashion is still the mix between turquoise and red and gray cyclamen. Black and white patterns are still classics in the genre. Most interior designers choose gray color schemes as wall paint and the other accent colors are integrated into the home decor. Therefore, gray looks soothing, cozy and discreet and can be combined with strong and bold nuances. To visually expand the space, you can combine two or more gray tones. Check our gallery to inspire you!


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