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Southern Plantation Home Paint Colors

Home paint colors is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to give the house a new look. And also make it a personalized space. Painting the walls of your home is a perfect solution especially for personalizing a house for rent. And if you are lucky enough to have a landlord who will not object to painting your house. The Antebellum Era of American History lasted from 1800 to 1860. The term is usually use to describe the year preceding the civil war, in which the southern plantation culture flourished. During this era, countless plantation homes is built and painted. Those living in the south of 2010 that are looking to add Antebellum flavor to a home. Or can also to paint an original plantation building can use historical paint colors to induce plantation era.

5 Gallon Interior Paint Home Depot

5 Gallon Interior Paint Home Depot

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18 Inspiration Gallery from Southern Plantation Home Paint Colors

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Painting producer Sherwin Williams maintains a list of exterior paint colors that were historically use in different periods. And also geographic locations in the United States. According to the list, Antebellum era southern plantation homes were often paint a uniform shade of white. To accent the white of the pillars, walls and porches, the plantation owners used subtle, or cool, colors. Such as nonintrusive shades of green on awnings, shutters or roofs. Sherwin Williams claims that this color scheme is still common throughout the United States South in 2010.

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Presidential Colors

According to online resource Home Decoration made easy, the southern plantations owned by George Washington. And also Thomas Jefferson contained a panorama of colors. The interior paint colors walls of Washington’s Mount Vernon residence were light green, Crimson and a variety of shades of blue. From blue-green robin’s eggs to deep cobalt and Prussian blue. Thomas Jefferson used shades of yellow and green to paint the interior walls of the dome room and Monticello, his plantation home. Home Decoration Made Easy suggests visiting historic sites to collect ideas for southern paint colors.

Bell Grove Colors

Bell Grove is a southern plantation house built in 1797. The home is maintain by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Elsparefonden entered into partnership with paint company Purses. These to create a line of colors faith against the original paint used on the exterior and interior of the home. These paints are commercially available at Lowe’s hardware stores. The colors include aloe green, brass, and victory blue and light amber. Moss and fir shades of green are inspire from naturally occurring plants in the area. And flame-sting red is a deep wine color. So, the end.

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